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Cleaning Angels

From April 2013-2016, we started and managed a professional cleaning business with 28 trainees referred through Create Common Good and other resettlement agencies. These trainees successfully went through our program and learned the work ethic needed to succeed in the workplace--and were paid at a $15 hourly rate. We later secured full-time jobs for at least 8 of the trainees while some went on to further their education or open their own businesses. We provided our participants with an immediate means of income whilst providing strategic and tailored training that helped them acquire life skills and confidence for advancement and integration.

Cleaning Products

Shepherd Farms

We operated a community garden and donated what we grew to a food bank or sold it at a local market. We have recently extended the farming business to Africa where we purchased some acres of land to create economic opportunities for locals. A meat business we operated at the Boise International Market allowed us to contribute to the confidence development process of a previously incarcerated individual and five intellectually disabled individuals.

Cultural Integration & Entrepreneurship

We developed ideas and initiatives promoting cultural understanding and mutual adaptation by successfully collaborating with learning institutions and other focus groups in the community. Proceeds from some of our events have contributed to three aspiring entrepreneurs - a single mom from Sudan who started an African artwork store, a single lady from Zambia who started her hair & beauty products store, and a U.S. Veteran who started his food vendor business. All three businesses were able to start at the Boise International Market. We have also conducted an annual Taste of Nations event which started in 2013.

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