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At Obtech Creative Enterprise International, we are passionate about developing the next generation of African youth through entrepreneurship, professional development, and work placement. We offer Technical/Vocational studies and Entrepreneurship training to final year students and freshly graduated young adults to prepare them for the workforce. Through our approach of hands-on training, internships, and work placements, we create opportunities for young adults to develop their careers and become successful entrepreneurs.

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Creative Entrepreneurship

Are you a high schooler or college student, newly graduated, NYSC or a young adult looking to broaden your career horizons? Then look no further. Our team of experienced professionals is passionate about entrepreneurship and advocacy. We have a proven track record of success in helping individuals develop the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the business world. Our carefully designed programs are focused on opportunity recognition, value creation and problem-solving. We work closely with our students to help them identify their unique strengths and develop a plan to achieve their business objectives. If you're looking to make your mark on the business world, our training programs are the perfect choice.


Career Development & Professional Ethics

At Obtech Creative Enterprise International, we understand that choosing a career or business partner can be one of the toughest decisions you'll ever make as a young person. That's why we offer a variety of services designed to help you make the right choice. From resume writing to team building, contract negotiation & agreement, we equip you with the tools and resources you need to succeed. Our team will help you to dress for success, building a strong professional reputation with trust and reliability, and providing exceptional customer service.

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Paralegal & Business Operation for Lawyers

At Obtech Creative Enterprise International, we provide comprehensive, hands-on training for law students, practicing lawyers, and newly graduated law students to understand the basics of business. Our training program focuses on teaching individuals how to start, grow, and operate a successful entrepreneurial business venture. Additionally, we also provide training on court and law firm management to further advance your legal career. Our experienced instructors will guide you throughout the program, providing you with the skills and knowledge you need to succeed in today's competitive business environment.


Job Creation & Placement

We provide advocacy for startups as well as small and medium sized businesses to help drive successful operation locally & world-wide. Through our extensive network of community and business partners, we assist in job placements and creating jobs as an added value to participants who successfully complete their chosen program and achieve the goal jointly defined and agreed upon during the initial assessment stage

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