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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Restore Missions?

Restore Missions is a nonprofit organization with a socially-driven mission and an enterprise based mindset for operation

What do we value the most in our organization?

Our shared value incorporates providing services and deliverables that are quality based, solution oriented, and our conduct at all times remains supportive, respectful, and innovative

What is our Funding Base and Strategy for Sustainability?

We apply business principles while keeping our overall social mission in mind. We do this by generating at least 90% of our operating income based on related and unrelated business ventures that we create and manage through strategic alliance or by leveraging our key tools and capabilities.

What sets us apart from other organizations and how does it help you?

We leverage our international and interdisciplinary experience to foster a collaborative and trust-based relationship with our clients and provide our competent & value-based expertise to improve their business  efficiency, productivity, and  operational models that can advance the value of their business assets in a healthy and sustainable manner. We do all these making value affordable to our target audience.

How do we set ourselves apart from the competition to offer you the best service possible?

Our Value Proposition is to provide our clients  with the opportunity and access to the expertise, resources, tools and methodologies best suited to their operation and success in the digital era, while contributing to the community by paying-it-forward.

Do we accept Volunteers?

Yes. We are always seeking like-minded individuals that share our vision and passion and can contribute to serving our target audience.

Business Meeting

Ways we can help you

  • We help with planning and setting up new business locally, internationally, or online

  • We provide digital support to vendors engaging customers, vendors, partners, etc., online, 

  • We help with strategic planning & implementation for business growth, security, & sustainability

  • We help with writing, explaining, negotiating and reviewing contract before signing

  • We help with regulatory and legal compliance

  • We help with Immigration application and filing

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